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Identity Document Verification To Verify The Customer Base Quickly And Safely

Document verification
Document verification

The Digital era is quickly evolving and things that were a few years old are getting replaced by technology. Not so long ago, people working with pen and paper soon shifted onto computers. Now mostly government papers have any kind of value left. But little do we know, how hard it can become to gain access without showing some physical papers such as identity cards or passports. Because most airports and restaurants need some ID document verification to verify people of their age, gender, and city.

On one hand, companies could perform verification checks through the laptop, and on the other hand, most verification methods are still performed by humans. But due to uncertain errors and massive costs, manual verification is becoming ineffective. Digital identity document verification has replaced most manual work as customers started moving online in the COVID-19 era. That’s why online companies are using id document authentication to properly vet people.

Moreover, it provides an opportunity to validate the transactions. This way organizations can safeguard their growth and prevent fraudulent attacks on their business.

How Identity Proofing Tool Detect Document Fraud

Fraud is constantly evolving as scammers try new ways to fool verification systems and organizations. Fortunately, the technology is keeping well with this pace and new updates regarding identification solutions constantly hit the marketplace. But the important aspect of identity document verification stays quite relevant in this day and age. Artificial intelligence incorporated within the identity document verification is also evolving which presents higher accuracy and agility.

By using the combination of human intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, it’s simple and easy for organizations to detect fraud. However, here are six key methods used by AI to detect document frauds.

  • Forged Documents
  • Counterfeit Documents
  • Camouflage Documents
  • Imposter Documents
  • Compromised Documents

The identity document verification works effectively to beat scammers and guard different fraud types such as identity fraud.

Detecting Signs of Forgery To Verify ID of The User

Fraudsters can try multiple ways to cheat the system either through manipulation or forgery to commit fraud. Most often fraudsters cover the real photo of an original document with a fake one. However, it tends to leave some visible edges around the photo that is mostly printed on the document. By altering the photograph, the aml security features present on the original image are also changed; thus, making it susceptible to fraud attempts.

During an identity document verification, the software scans through various security features such as typography, holograms, and unique marks. The software also scans the data encrypted on MRZ code that helps the organization authenticate the user identity. Identity document verification solution immediately scans any signs of manipulation or even a small difference in fonts or characters. This is the reason it’s ensured that:

  • The document has correct fonts.
  • Security features and designs expected on this document type are already there.
  • There are no signs of manipulation that would suggest a fraudulent document.
  • The database also quickly compares the document template with already available template types from various regions that encompass national ID cards, passports, and driving licenses.

Holograms check

Nowadays, most identity verification providers have integrated videos into their solutions. As a result, the companies could have a holistic 3D view of an entire document. The software may ask the user to tilt the document in various ways to fully expose the holograms that are quite hard to forge to make people believe in the document. This is especially possible through a video, as photos don’t usually present the document in a better way.

Verifying Document Edges

Thanks to identity document verification, organizations could also avoid spoofing attacks. Although one method of a spoofing attack is taking pictures of fake document printouts. Through a 3D overview, the software could also detect the document thickness.

Checking the Entire Document Quality

The solution combined with human intelligence can detect fraudulent attempts and it helps with detecting the manipulation of documents. Often, it’s difficult to prepare a copy of an original document. The document has various security features such as holograms, laser images, text overlay, etc. The identity document verification system validates the quality and consistency of original documents.

Identity document verification is an especially important feature to detect forgery or manipulation within the documents. It could help organizations to validate the customer base with a simple and easy-to-use AI-powered solution. The solution even helps with detecting minors document signs that are not easily detected on a document.

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