Current Politicians

current politicians

Hello guys, in this post we will show you the list of current politicians of India 2019. Along with their portfolio and party they belong.

This list of current politicians contains many new faces. It reflects Prime Minister’s “New India” push.

This list comprises of Union Council of Ministers led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It includes

  • senior ministers, called Cabinet Ministers.
  • And junior ministers, called Minister of State.

Your preparation for any competitive exam is incomplete. If you are not having good knowledge of latest information.

Most of the exams ask 1-2 questions about cabinet ministers.

Hence go through this list to add something more into ocean of your knowledge through INFO SEEKERS HUB.

First of all I am going to introduce you a little about these terms.

Who is a Cabinet Minister?

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A Cabinet minister is the person who commands utmost authority of the concerned ministry.

A cabinet minister is appointed by the President.

His/her task is to consult with the Prime Minister.

A Cabinet Minister is treated as the head of a particular ministry. Such as

  • Education,
  • Health,
  • Home,
  • Foreign, etc.

Every Cabinet Minister has the power to take independent decisions pertaining to his/her ministry.

Moreover, PM can advise them

  • on policies.
  • convene cabinet meetings to assess progress and
  • status of relevant administrative functions.

Who is a Minister of State? (Current Politicians of India)

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A Minister of State reports to the Cabinet Minister. To be precise, he/she is the junior member who works in close coordination with a Cabinet Minister.

So that they can help the latter in meeting national goals pertaining to that Ministry.

Who is Minister of State with Independent Charge ? (Current Politicians in India)

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Sometimes a State Minister is given independent charge of ministries, which don’t have a Cabinet Minister to oversee the operations.

Most importantly, the power of the Minister of State is confined to the particular region.

And it is his responsibility to take care of the state-centric functioning of a ministry.

Firstly, the Union Cabinet minister comes into picture when a bigger policy decision is to be taken.

Secondly, PM may not always call all State Ministers to discuss issues.

But only the Cabinet Minister.

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Difference between cabinet minister and minister of state (independent charge) and minister of state :

  • Minister of State with independent charge is a minister without an overseeing Cabinet Minister in the State or Union Government of India.
  • Firstly he himself is in charge of his ministry, unlike Minister of State who is also a Minister but assists a cabinet minister.
  • Secondly, such ministers can take part in cabinet meetings on important issues. Unlike Ministers of state who do not take any part in any cabinet meetings.

Source : Wikipedia

Firstly, we have list of cabinet ministers as follows.

Current Politicians of India – Cabinet Ministers

Secondly,we have list of minister of state (independent charge).

Ministers of State (Independent Charge)

Lastly we have list of minister of state (dependent).

Ministers of State

We should know who are our current politicians because we are an important part of politics.

That’s why it is very important to care about politics because we should know what is going on around us. Also, it is important to have a say in what is going on around us.

The political decisions people make will affect many lives. Many people see politics as the government and the laws being made, and that is true but it is way more complicated than that.

Every law that is made will impact many. Sometimes the decisions will affect people in a bad way. Every vote that you make will either break people or make people. So choose right politician.

The political decisions affect people’s daily lives in two very important ways.

Because they are to decide how much money the state will take from people.

In the form of taxes to spend on public projects such as

  • healthcare,
  • education, or
  • defense.

So I hope this article helped you.

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