Top 3 : The best costumes to wear for disguised parties

Best Costumes To Wear For Disguised Parties
Best Costumes To Wear For Disguised Parties

You are invited to a disguised party, but you don’t want to come with a ridiculous costume? Well, you must read this article i.e., “Top 3 : The best costumes to wear for disguised parties” to understand the real style!

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Best Costumes To Wear For Disguised Parties

The chic style

The chic style

Hybrid in essence, casual chic has no shortage of assets:

He will be accepted and recognized by those around you, even by novices. You’re more likely to get compliments from your mother-in-law by wearing a blazer / jean set than by a techwear ninja dressed in black (even performing the look in the best possible way).

It is a style that is very reassuring for beginners, because there is little risk of “negative bias”. It is therefore a good way to understand the garment without losing self-confidence

His balance is very clear, both masculine AND elegant AND relaxed. There is therefore a certain flexibility: you can push the cursor towards the elegant or the casual, playing on the shoes for example. It is also one of the strings on which Alessandro Michele plays at Gucci with his “mules”.

Because precisely, casual chic leaves a great freedom of choice in terms of shoes: sneakers, derby, desert boots, chelsea boots … The possibilities are numerous (go put a pair of derby in a streetwear style, it will be complicated).

Unless you are Ben Johnson, try to be reasonable all the same!

As a rule, the basis of this trend is casual, which is embellished with dressed pieces. The opposite, which would consist of a formal outfit to integrate informal elements into it, is rarer because it is far from the basic spirit. Even if it is not impossible!

Replacing pants with chinos and shoes with suede derby offers a careful balance

The avocado costume

The avocado costume

If you are fan of avocados, you’ll be delighted to wear an avocado costume for sure!

In contrary to banana costumes, avo suits are made to fit to everyone and because of its originality, nobody will be think that you are a ridiculous and all!

Avocado is the fruit of avocado (Persea americana), a tree in the Lauraceae family, native to Mexico. There are three main varieties. The most popular variety is Hass avocado.

The origin of the word avocado is Spanish from the word aguacate which is derived from ahuacatl a word originating from the Nahuatl language, a Uto-Aztec language, which means testicle, due to the similarity between the shape of the fruit and the organ.

Because avocados are liked by everyone, you must check out the avocado costume collection on the website Avocado Clothing Store!

The funny t-shirt

Also, you can take a funny shirt with avocado on it but you can also get one like this : 

The funny t-shirt - best costumes to wear for disguised parties

So, now you have no excuses to come with stupid apparel at your disguised party!

Thank You !!

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